Lord Zzaal was an Ice Warrior who served as Lord Commander of Izdaal's personal guard. When Izdaal died, he and his men were placed in suspended animation to guard his tomb while the rest of his people evacuated Mars, as it was believed that intelligent life would eventually arise on neighbouring planet Earth and make contact with them.

In the early 21st century, Zzaal and his warriors were revived shortly after the arrivals of the crews of the Doctor's TARDIS and the Ares One. While Zzaal held audience with the Fifth Doctor and Commander Lee Forbes, he sent Sstast to retrieve Peri Brown, Tanya Webster and Paul Webster from the Argosy. However, when Paul took Sstast prisoner and attempted to leave, Zzaal ordered the launching of sonic missiles to bring the vessel down. Paul later got hold of a Martian tank and threatened to destroy the Ice Warriors unless his demands were met. Zzaal offered to exchange himself for Paul's hostages, then ordered Sstast not to take any action as long as he was in any danger. Zzaal then gave himself up, but when the sun rose, he died of exposure to ultraviolet radiation, knowing that this would free his men to take action against Paul. (AUDIO: Red Dawn)

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