The Zytragupten were a race of beings from the universe that came after N-Space. They had six eyes and shrill, white-grey bodies with pincer-like mouths and tentacles on their backs. Maxwell Edison described them as savage and beautiful.

Zytragupten children who were born broken or defective were to be hurled into the Infernal Abyss to be destroyed, as was the Lokhus. Something drew the Lokhus from the Abyss and into N-Space, where he fell on Stockbridge, Earth, during Medieval times. The Lokhus' parents, He and She, followed him across the universal barrier and searched an eternity for him.

In 2010, the Lokhus killed He and She, and was himself destroyed when the Tenth Doctor accidentally dropped a flare into the tunnel containing the Lokhus' chrysalis which ignited the flammable gases there. (COMIC: The Stockbridge Child)

Notes Edit

Maxwell Edison explained that if the Lokhus were to be born, he would be bigger than Sol.

When describing how tiny Max Edison's mind was by the Lokhus' standards, the latter called it "tiny, three-dimensional".

He and She took on human forms while the Lokhus possessed Max. (COMIC: The Stockbridge Child)

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