Zyglots were massive animals that travelled through space.

Biology Edit

Young zyglots were squidgy creatures (COMIC: Polly the Glot) and grew over a period of centuries, returning to mate in the same place every five hundred years. (COMIC: The Time of My Life) Zyglots communicated through colour, spraying clouds of vapour from near their heads. Zyglots were observed to spray purple while feeding. (COMIC: The Moderator) When captured, zyglots would always spray red. (COMIC: Polly the Glot) During courtship, they sprayed many colours in complex shapes. (COMIC: The Time of My Life) A happy zyglot could spread its tendrils, forming many flower-like blossoms. (COMIC: Polly the Glot)

History Edit

They were considered by some the rarest and most beautiful creature in the galaxy. (COMIC: The Moderator) One of the subspecies was known as a glot. (COMIC: Polly the Glot)

The Moderator killed a zyglot which was feeding in the dust clouds around Magellan. (COMIC: The Moderator)

Akkers hunted them for their colour, capturing them in gravity nets. The Zyglot trust worked to stop poor treatment of the species. A young glot dubbed Polly was sold to the Ringway Carnival, becoming the only zyglot in captivity. Ivan Asimoff worked hard trying to raise money to free it. (COMIC: Polly the Glot)

The Zyglots courtship only happened once every five centuries. The Doctor put off watching it until his tenth incarnation when he took Donna Noble to see it with him. (COMIC: The Time of My Life)

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