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Zsofia Ekler, also credited as Zofia Ekler, was the set designer on Doctor Who during series 11. She was previously a draughtsperson in series 9.

She first graduated from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics as an architect. Ekler was interested in theatre and opera, but eventually turned to film and television.

Ekler attended the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama in Cardiff. On graduating, she began working in the television industry in Wales. She worked as a draughtsperson for series such as Da Vinci's Demons, Doctor Who and Class. Ekler later found work as an assistant art director for series 4 of Sherlock, and for productions such as Where Hands Touch, her first movie, and Requiem.[1]

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Ekler first received credit on Doctor Who in series 9, as a draughtsperson.

Her name, Zs. K. Ekler, is featured in Class, on the Coal Hill School list of the dead. According to her LinkedIn, Ekler worked as an uncredited draughtsperson on Class, as well.[2]

Over a year after her work on Class, Ekler worked with Julia Jones as a set designer on Doctor Who series 11.

She lent her name again, as well as her face, this time to on-screen graphics, in 2018's The Woman Who Fell to Earth. In this episode, "Zsof's World Part 6 of 20 | Cake" is a YouTube video uploaded by the channel "Z Ekks", another clear reference to Ekler.

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