Zombos (also known as the City of the Damned) was a city built high above the land of the planet Zom. In the city, the Moderators forcibly brought the Zombans there, suppressing their emotions. When this was not sufficient, the Brains Trust developed a device called the Harmoniser to erase emotions entirely, emotion being the sole crime in the city. The rebel Big Hate of the Hates brought the blood-sucking Barabara to the city to kill the Moderators, the Barabara also killing the citizens. The Fourth Doctor used the harmony chambers that had removed emotions to restore emotions to the populace, causing adrenalin to be produced, and poisoning the Barabara. When the Moderator General killed the Brains Trust, the Zom Emotional People's Organisation became the new leaders of the city. (COMIC: City of the Damned)

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