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Zombie Motel was a short story published in Doctor Who Storybook 2008. It was written by Paul Magrs.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Doctor and Martha arrive in England in 2008, at the Hotel Splendide. They meet a maid called Lyn who claims that she encountered a zombie in a room upstairs. She is covered in green slime, which she claims came from the zombie, which exploded. Another person in the hotel, a Mrs Wiggins, also claims that she has had an encounter. She tells the Doctor and Martha that the zombie told her to get out of the hotel or they would make everyone like them again. The hotel manager also mentions that these encounters have been happening ever since they opened a month ago. The Doctor takes a slime sample to the TARDIS to test.

Meanwhile, Martha meets Margery Darcy, the receptionist. She tells Martha that in 1979, the Ringroad Motel burnt down. Almost everyone perished. She claims she was there when the motel burned down and decides to help the Doctor and Martha find out what is going on. She leaves to find someone else to watch reception while she goes, but encounters another zombie, who explodes.

In the TARDIS, the Doctor remembers the disaster in 1979. He takes the TARDIS to that particular day. He finds the room of a man called Cecil and works out that he must be a Kaftakkrofakian. The Doctor decides to stay close to Cecil to find out what his plans are. He meets a younger version of Margery who is serving drinks at a Hallowe'en party. Realising the food is mixed with Kaftakkrofakian slime, he confronts Cecil and his girlfriend, Bunty Hamilton. The Doctor learns that Cecil's people tried to invade Earth in the 1960s, but failed and were treated badly by the humans; for this, he wants revenge.

The slime begins to have its effect. The guests turn into green-skinned zombies. They advance on Margery and the Doctor, who escape from the motel. The Doctor persuades Cecil to give him the antidote for the slime and takes Cecil and Bunty to Kaftakkrofakia, where Cecil stands trial for his crimes and Bunty leaves him. The Doctor travels back to 2008 and gives the antidote the hotel's manager, telling him to find a large cavern underneath the foundations of the building, where he will find the zombies to cure of their sickness.

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