The Zoltans were a humanoid race native to Zolta. Zoltans were emotionless and all identical in appearance, lacking necks or ears, and possessing short, bristly red hair.

In the 1970s, a Zoltan research expedition arrived at Mars at the same time as an international team of Earth astronauts was exploring the planet. One astronaut, Adrian Fairley, crashed on Mars but his broken body was discovered and repaired by the Zoltans. The peaceful contact between the two species was made public on Earth and led to a worldwide media frenzy, with many people enthusiastically welcoming the Zoltans. Secretly, the Zoltans were using Fairley to breed Zoltan soldiers to eliminate prominent anti-Zoltan persons, thus facilitating their colonization of Earth. After Fairley's death, a subsequent visit to Mars found that the Zoltans had departed. (DWA: Soldiers from Zolta)

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