Zolfian was the War Minister of the humanoid Daleks. He led his people to war against the Thals, causing the neutron war from which the War Machine Daleks who would later threaten the universe were born.

Biography Edit

The War Minister of the Daleks, Zolfian directed the construction of a stock of neutron bombs after mining operations in the Radiation Range uncovered large stocks of pure cobalt to build them with. Once satisfied with the stock, Zolfian addressed the War Council meeting, declaring that the Daleks were now ready to exterminate the Thals for all time. Drenz, the pacifist ruler of the Daleks, burst into the meeting and ordered that the warring stop, lest the Daleks, meddling with forces they did not understand, accidentally destroy the planet; Zolfian reacted by murdering Drenz right there and then, declaring him unworthy of leading their proud race.

As war began, Zolfian oversaw the creation by the scientist Yarvelling of one-person mobile minitans, the Dalek War Machines (which the mutant Daleks would later adapt into their casings). For two weeks, the weapons factories at Darren were under full pressure. However, much as Drenz had predicted, a freak meteor storm entering Skaro's atmosphere caused the bombs to detonate ahead of time, annihilating most of the Daleks' civilisation and turning the planet into an irradiated hell. Zolfian and Yarvelling took refuge in the Dalek War Council Chamber, turned into a fallout shelter by Yarvelling's intelligence.

Two years later, they emerged from shelter to look for surviving Daleks and destroy any surviving Thals, but found the surface of Skaro to be devastated and contracted radiation sickness. They were discovered by a "machine Dalek" — a mutated Dalek survivor inhabiting the war machine Yarvelling had developed. The two old Daleks rebuilt the war factory, started a Dalek production line, and made a special casing made for the first Dalek, who declared itself the Dalek Emperor. Zolfian and Yarvelling died of radiation sickness just as the casing was completed. (COMIC: Genesis of Evil)

Behind the scenes Edit

Later accounts of him were as a figure of legend who triumphed in war and was popular in peace. (NOTVALID: The Dalek Dictionary)

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