Zog was a planet. Captain Jack Harkness once visited a bar on the planet on New Year's Eve 2066. There, an individual gave him instructions for either the earlier or later version of him. This version, upon opening a box on 7 August 1941, relived these experiences. (COMIC: Overture)

The Ninth Doctor left Rose Tyler talking to some Habrians in the Zaggit Zagoo bar on Zog. (PROSE: The Red Bicycle) Jack later met Alonso Frame in the Zaggit Zagoo bar. (TV: The End of Time)

References Edit

"Zog" was also a colloquialism Donna Noble once employed to indicate to the Tenth Doctor that she was referring to a hypothetical planet. (TV: The Unicorn and the Wasp)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • According to the reproduction of Russell T. Davies' 2005 pitch for the revival of Doctor Who printed in DWMSE 11, said pitch included the phrase “If the Zogs on planet Zog are having trouble with the Zog-monster [...] who gives a toss?”, as a way to encapsulate Davies's philosophy that Doctor Who stories must include earthly, familiar elements so as not to lose the viewers' investment.
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