Zoe Blake was a hairdresser who worked in Fairwater.

Biography Edit

Zoe did judo whilst in school. She lived with her mother until she gave birth to her daughter, Sophie, and realised that she needed more space. She moved to Wedmore Court in Grangetown, Cardiff. A year later, Sophie died of leukemia. Zoe remained on the estate for another year, waiting for word from the housing association after it was announced that the estate would be demolished.

The Committee planned to replace Zoe, Piers Meadows and Rowena Plutherer with doubles. To foil their plan, Bilis Manger posed as a fellow resident of Wedmore Court and snatched her before the switch could be made. She awoke on a train with the Bilis, Piers and Rowena and was the only one of the three targets of the Committee to be released, as Bilis appreciated that she had manners. (AUDIO: Dead Man's Switch)

Personality Edit

Zoe only drank English breakfast as she found other types of tea to be fancy. (AUDIO: Dead Man's Switch)

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