Zodaal was a gaseous being which tried to destroy Earth in 1930.

Biology Edit

The core of Zodaal was a cloud of gaseous radmium. The core was the only facet of Zodaal that had the power to kill. (PROSE: The English Way of Death)

Biography Edit

Zodaal's propelled warping capsule used a grey interchange as an energy source, i.e. a giant star. Zodaal stole the capsule from the stable zone where it was stored. The stable zone was created, using gravity wave suppressors, as a place where the grey field matter could be worked. The capsule was supposed to travel outside the galaxy through the interchange, but the drives locked, the power source inverted and the capsule was dragged into the time core, where it clung to the time corridor for protection.

Zodaal transubstantiated his consciousness into a gaseous form based in order to be beamed out into the corridor through a chronon-funnel. He used a hyperzoic filter to split off his qualms and morals in order to become ruthless and thus survive. The fragment of his personality thus removed remained in the capsule and consisted of humour, wonder and imagination.

Zodaal intended to use a sonic stimulator to destroy Earth and use the energy released to refashion him. He intended to use the Fourth Doctor's body for this. (PROSE: The English Way of Death, AUDIO: The English Way of Death)

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