Zigma was a flamboyant, small, green, humanoid artist. His fame had not escaped the Eleventh Doctor, who had vocally expressed his criticism in the past. His fierce criticism of Zigma's work as having "no aesthetic sense at all" had not escaped Zigma.

He hoped the Doctor would be more impressed by his latest masterpiece. The piece in question featured a white figure trapped in a forest. The figure, though, was actually a real creature, albeit a 2-D one. It was released from the painting by the Doctor using his sonic screwdriver. Zigma explained how he accidentally trapped the creature once before in a paint spillage. The Doctor used this information to re-capture the creature using aerosol spray paint. It remained a unique new attraction at the gallery until it was taken away by the Doctor's friends and returned to its own dimension. (COMIC: Picture Imperfect)

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