Zhe Ikiyuyu was an artist famous for block transfer sculptures.

Biography Edit

Zhe was trained in Block Transfer Computation on Logopolis.

Zhe could sing in seven voices simultaneously, each possessing seven octaves.

They resided on a moon of Ouloumos. They hosted parties on there, which the Tenth Doctor remembered fondly. To better understand the experience of others, they made use of various body augmentations, and often changed genders. During the Tenth Doctor's visit with Gabby Gonzalez, Zhe was in a feminine form, with four arms and three eyes.

Facing criticism of their works, they withdrew their block transfer sculptures from the Pentaquoteque Gallery on Ouloumos and exiled themselves to their private retreat on the its moon. However, feeling lonely there, they created the binary apprentice, a block transfer sculpture with an AI persona. In doing so Zhe managed to sidestep the incompatibility between Block Transfer Computation and computational machines by using an organic matrix, the quantum sphere. The apprentice became a physical manifestation of Zhe's self-doubt. Unable to control their creation, Zhe spent around a century in a voluntary stasis. 

When the Doctor managed to telepathically reach Zhe in their stasis and return back to reality, they reverted the apprentice back into the quantum sphere, unhappy that the apprentice turned from creation to destruction. (COMIC: The Arts in Space)

Art Edit

Zhe painted portraits of the Second and Third Doctors, which were later hung in the TARDIS art gallery (COMIC: Lady of the Blue Box) and a portrait of the Fourth Doctor with Romana II that they kept in their private gallery. (COMIC: The Arts in Space)

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