In a parallel universe, Agent Zeuro used a TARDIS when he was dispatched by President Susan to pursue the Doctor after he had begun tampering with history and causing damage to the timeline to arrest him for making the changes, such as taking Leonardo da Vinci on his travels and inadvertently giving the artist knowledge of flight hundreds of years too early, and warning the Aztecs of Cortez's arrival.

Zeuro came close to catching the Doctor a few times, but the Doctor always managed to get away until Zeuro finally caught up with him. Locking their TARDISes together after Zeuro gave the Doctor the chance to return to Gallifrey of his own free will, Zeuro was prepared to simply drag him back.

The Doctor was able to escape by reversing his own TARDIS's time vector drive and dragged them through a rift, making Zeuro frantically call for help.

When Zeuro's TARDIS was recovered by the Mayans who'd developed space travel of their own, his TARDIS assumed the form of a painted Incan sarcophagus. The TARDIS was as powerless as the Doctor's and he was trapped. (AUDIO: A Storm of Angels)

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