Zero Space was the fourth and final story in the audio anthology Jenny: The Doctor's Daughter, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Adrian Poynton and featured Georgia Tennant as Jenny and Sean Biggerstaff as Noah.

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Out in deep space, in the middle of – quite literally – nowhere, Jenny and Noah believe they've found a safe haven. And, very possibly, some answers. But the space station holds many secrets, and it won't be long before Jenny's past catches her up.

Bounty hunter COLT-5000 is on her trail and will stop at nothing to hunt down its quarry... even in Zero Space!

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  • Jenny decides to call their SporeShip the Jenny One.
  • Dreyda Byman and Cal Vida were famous "rock star" scientists. They built the Eye of the Storm, and perfected cloning techniques so that they could pass on skills and knowledge to Cal and Dreya clones.
  • There are two hundred clones of Cal and Dreyda onboard the Eye of the Storm.
  • The original Dreyda and Cal Prime, or the Alphas, have been kept alive for hundreds of years, because the clones worry that they might die if the Alphas do, too. Cal Prime and Dreyda Prime are also considered their parents.
  • Cal-17 examines the biodata of both Noah and Jenny, and shows them to the station's spaceship in Hangar Bay 4.
  • The Zero Space was inadvertently created by an experiment, the wormhole bomb.
  • The Eye of the Storm is destroyed by another wormhole bomb. The station has 200 escape pods.
  • The clones joke about being Schrödinger's clones, as they're not sure they'll be able to survive the station's destruction.

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