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You may be looking for the Torchwood member.

Zara, also known as Joy Landing for a period, was a Tracer in human form.


Zara was created by the Grace, powerful beings who created the Key to Time, to prevent the completion of the Key. Like her twin sister, Amy, she existed to find the segments of the Key to Time. (AUDIO: The Judgement of Isskar)

During her journey, Zara was taken prisoner with the Seventh Doctor's companion Ace on the planet of Erratoon. She escaped with the help of Harmonious 14 Zink. (AUDIO: The Prisoner's Dilemma)

Zara and Zink would encounter the Fifth Doctor and, her twin sister, Amy on the planet Mars. Zara would soon cause the collapse of the Martian society after finding a segment of the Key to Time. (AUDIO: The Judgement of Isskar)

After being freed by the Grace, Zara made her way to the Sphere. On the Sphere, Zara met Marek, who got her pregnant. Abby, formerly Amy, followed Zara to bring her back to Pargrave, a soldier whom Zara had fallen in love with. They used their powers to earn enough money to escape from the Sphere. However, in a rage, Abby destroyed the Sphere. (AUDIO: The Sphere)

After escaping the Sphere, they were taken into custody and accused of killing the loved ones of the people from a mysterious village called Compton. During an escape attempt Zara was left behind in their jail cell. Zara was threatened with death until the angry mob believed that Abby was also killed. Abby escaped and found herself slightly outside of the village only a week into the future and the village destroyed. It turned out that Compton was destroyed by a meteor strike, and that the tracer twins had arrived the moment that the meteor hit. The people in the village were echoes of the dead, and Abby and Zara escaped before they were destroyed by the meteor. (AUDIO: The Fog)

When they escaped the village, Zara and Abby were captured by Marek, who used time technology to escape the Sphere before it's destruction. While in flight, they were captured by Kreekpolt. Kreekpolt wanted to use the twins powers to heal his daughter, who was fatal ill, but they were unable to do so. However, they suggested they go to the Grace, who would have the power to do it. At gunpoint, they were led to the Chaos Pool. When they arrived, the Grace granted the tracer twins immortality, and they could only die when they wanted to. After this, Abby, Zara and Marek departed from the Chaos Pool, hoping to start a new life together, raising the baby when it is born. (AUDIO: The End)

She tried to seduce Manchu Golding in order to get her and her sister out of prison. She and Abby changed time to make a city survived being killed. She lost Marek and her daughter in the process. (AUDIO: The Line) She got annoyed that her action left a loss of information. She ran away and went missing. (AUDIO: The Flood) She didn't mind sharing Marek until she realised she loved him. (AUDIO: The Dark) She lost her mind when she fell through the vortex, but Abby helped her get it back. She went to go find Albert when there was a fire. (AUDIO: The Edge) She told Chi what they tried to do in the search for Marek. (AUDIO: The Battle)

Abby convinced her to go back to the the Archive. There she was arrested for murder. (AUDIO: The Archive)

She came and saw Brondle and Wing where she met Marek again. She helped Abby when Abby wanted to save the planet from the sun which would implode. Abby and Zara decided to die but the Grace told them that they were an experiment into balance and decided to remove their powers instead of them dying. Zara decided to be known as Joy after her daughter again as she felt she was no longer Zara. (AUDIO: Consequences)

Three centuries later, Pool came to find Zara, now a doctor using the name 'Joy Landing', when a fusion reactor was going to become critical. She told Abby about her plans. She went with Abby and Pool to the city where the reactor was and was stopped by Dodyk. She managed to get him to take her to the reactor so that she can stop it. They consumed the energy from the blast and the fuel and became young again. (AUDIO: The Bomb)

She wanted to see a rare species of Snake, and decided to stop the bomb which would kill it. She was annoyed that they couldn't save him. She wanted to stop the war that created the weapon. She and Abby to Onora Cormarant and Slink to the moon and became trapped in a cave. She started to feel weird being separated from Abby. She later escaped with Slink from imprisonment. (AUDIO: The Room)

Zara later pretended to be a Doctor in a hospital, going by the alias 'Dr. Pulmonate'. She didn't mind other people being credited for her work. Gutierrez got her to perform brain surgery but lost the patient which took her by surprise. She invited Gutierrez to Abby's party. She was later part of a court case which caused her to loose he job. Pool arrived at the hospital tell Abby and Zara that the Grace needed them. (AUDIO: The Ward)

Pool took them to the end of time to a ballroom. She became agitated when the people at the ball became shapeless when she didn't look them properly. She went missing with Oblong as he brought her to the edges of the room. She started to doubt their actions when they caused people to die. Graves told her that Pool had told him that his life was changed by Abby and Zara's manipulation. Her past self helped Pool to make his decision. She didn't want people to die for people to live. (AUDIO: The Dance)

Behind the scenes[]

  • Zara and Abby were at one stage planned to feature in the audio story Relative Time. Ultimately, however, their place was taken by Jenny. (BFX: The Legacy of Time: Behind the Scenes)