Zaitabor was one of the Knights of Kuabris, and second-in-command to Himesor. He was also cybernetically enhanced. When Himesor was killed in the sewers, he became the Grand Knight. Zaitabor was especially vehement about the evils of technology.

He was in actuality the former government observer for Project Mecrim. Zaitabor had been cured of the Mecrim gut plaque with cybernetic implants, but the planet was quarantined anyway. Zaitabor tried to escape via shuttle, but it crashed. He was in suspended animation for centuries. When he awoke, must of his memory had been erased, and he was only left with the idea that scientific research was evil.

Zaitabor holed up in the reactor with Cosmae as a hostage, saying he was going to cleanse the city of corruption. However, unknown to him, the reactor had been rigged to explode when it was turned on. When Zaitabor did, he was destroyed, along with Cosmae and the Mecrim. (PROSE: The Menagerie)

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