You Had Me at Verify User Name and Password was the sixteenth short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Snapshots. It was written by Stel Pavlou. It featured the Eighth Doctor.


Since the Eighth Doctor saved her planet from the Kolranis, Calabria, the Moof of Trebidden, had been obsessed with her planet's saviour. Calabria has spent many years tracking down the Doctor and finally finds him on Earth, where she makes contact with him over the Internet. Calabria learns that the Doctor is trying to rescue his friend Charley from a Nigerian prison. To convince the Doctor of her love for him, Calabria sends money to the Nigerian authorities to bail Charley out. After the money has been sent, the Doctor leaves Earth, and Calabria wonders why her e-mails go unanswered.



  • The Doctor once saved the planet Trebidden from the Kolranis expansion.
  • The Grand Moof of Larkoom once bought a nurple which nearly caused an intergalactic incident until the Doctor insisted he return it.
  • Calabria tells of the time when the Doctor fought face to face with the last of the Anchrola on Drumthekos.
  • Jerris is Calabria's father.
  • Calabria sells her yacht and three Dibinian slaves.
  • Hacknots are a currency.


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