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You Either Know It or You Don't was a quiz programme, hosted by Jack Addison. The Eighth Doctor took part in it in 2020, winning the top prize, £80,000.

Before coming out on top of the other contestants, the Doctor and his competitors had access to the "Switcheroo" and the "Data Dip" before answering questions supplied by or via the "Brain Box". Once the Doctor became the final challenger, each correct answer doubled his winnings (beginning with £10,000), while one wrong answer would mean leaving the show with nothing.

The Doctor's final rounds challenged him with the following:

  1. Q: "Which parasitic insect of the order Hymenoptera injects its eggs into the larvae of other insects using its extra-long stinger?"
    A: The Ichneumon wasp
  2. Q: "Which popular film comedian of the 20th century made his performing debut at the Kings Theatre in Southsea when he was only two weeks old?"
    A: Peter Sellers
  3. Q: "In January, 1982, the English cricket team played India in three test matches: in Calcutta, Chennai and Kanpur. [...] Which team won all three test matches?"
    A: It's a trick question. It was a draw all three times.

After making his winnings, the Doctor told Liv and Helen that he planned to compete continually on this programme until he made enough money to buy out some tech companies, but Helen gently informed him this was unrealistic, as they would not invite him back. By her estimation, they were not interested in "breaking the bank" each week to pay successful contestants like him. (AUDIO: Divine Intervention)