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Yoss Inkl was a Gifftan patient aboard the Tsuranga medical ship bound to Resus One in the 67th century. Ryan Sinclair, who was nineteen at the time, assumed that Yoss was around the same age as him.

He fell pregnant on holiday after meeting someone and failing to take precautions. The pregnancy was unexpected and he planned to give his child away, not being ready to be a father. He was one week pregnant when he met the Thirteenth Doctor and her companions, being a day overdue.

Despite this, he seemed excited about various aspects of his pregnancy. He asked Yasmin Khan and Ryan Sinclair to feel his child's movements and showed them his pregnancy photos when they asked him to regroup with the rest of the ship.

During the Doctor's briefing on the Pting attack on the ship, Yoss' internal fluids broke, signalling that birth was imminent. Mabli helped him to give birth, but he requested the presence of male doulas in Ryan and Graham.

The BirthBud malfunctioned during his birth due to a generator failure and Yoss began to panic. Nevertheless, he successfully gave birth when his pregnancy sac was cut open, Ryan reassuring him during the birthing process.

He named his son Avocado in honour of Avocado Pear, who the Gifftans believed to be a legendary Earth hero, and decided he would end up parenting his child after all. (TV: The Tsuranga Conundrum)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Yoss Inkl is one of the few male individuals known to have been pregnant, including Captain Jack Harkness and the Face of Boe, and the first to be depicted as pregnant on-screen.
  • Inkl reappears in the Christmas non-narrative webcast Merry Christmas from Doctor Who, wishing Doctor Who fans a happy Christmas, alongside many other characters from Series 11.
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