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Yes, Missy was a short prose story published in October 2016 in Doctor Who The Official Annual 2017. Unusually, this story is written in the form of various e-mails, as opposed to short written text.


Ruby Baker is trying to get used to her new school Saxon Heights. She seems to enjoy it there, until a new headteacher arrives and changes everything.


A week after first arriving to her new boarding school, Ruby writes an email to her mum about how great everything is, from the building, to new friends, and even the teachers are nice, especially the head Mrs Goss. However just two days after that e-mail was sent, Mrs Goss had been sent to hospital, as she appeared to have been "hypnotised or something".

On the 25th of September, Mr Myers reports to all students to meet at the hall the next day to meet the new temporary headteacher Miss Magister. After meeting her, Ruby once again writes to her mother, talking to her about how weird Miss Magister is such as her fashion and behaviour. One thing that struck to her is when they said "Good morning, Miss", she corrected them by saying Missy instead of "Miss".

On the 31st of September, she had implemented uniform rules. It required everyone to dress in a similar way to Miss Magister, which Ruby found extremely weird, claiming the new head had "lost the plot". Magister had also sent all the prefects on a school trip to London to inspect copies of the Magna Carta, and the behaviour of the teachers randomly shifts every time she enters the room. Ruby's dad however finds Ruby in this uniform very amusing.

21st of October, Miss Magister had banned all forms of mobile communication and wants everyone to give their devices to her. She also tells Mr Myers to have them all connected to a transmitter. Ruby refuses to give away her tablet, but Miss Magister is aware, and sends Mr Myers to take it away. Meanwhile Osgood writes an e-mail to the other Osgood, telling her about a large increase in transmitter activity at Saxon Heights, near Devil's End. she says that Missy is either trying to summon up a Dæmon, or jokes that she has a lot of data that won't roll over - and she knows which one is more likely. She recommends full recovery mission, and orders her to contact Kate Stewart for authorisation.

23 October, Ruby was marched out of lesson by Mr Myers and was taken to the head office. Miss Magister was angry as she was aware that her tablet had not been given in. Magister tells her "I am the headmaster, and you will obey me", to which Ruby responds with "I thought you were the headMISTRESS", which angered her. All the phones and tablets were there hooked up to a tower and switched on. Magister then took out her own "phone", and asks what she will do with Ruby, but Ruby doesn't care, as she doesn't want to be in the school any longer. Magister is about to fire her "phone" when a UNIT soldier smashed through the window on a rope.

Osgood tells Kate that the target had escaped. Meanwhile 'Magister' writes to Ruby, saying that it's not every fourteen-year-old girl can get one over her. She also threatens her, saying that if they ever meet again, she had better say something nice.



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