Xenopornography were pornographic stories dealing with human-on-alien and alien-on-human sex. (PROSE: The Two Jasons)

Whilst stuck in deep space in the 1980s, Jason Kane had sex with several aliens. He eventually turned these experiences into several works of xenopornography, including Nights of the Perfumed Tentacle. (PROSE: Death and Diplomacy, Beige Planet Mars)

Jason Kane had sex with Mae An T'zhu, the leader of the Dragon people, while he was on Station Control. This inspired one of his xenopornographic videos. (PROSE: The Infernal Nexus)

After accepting the invitation of his ex-wife Bernice Summerfield to live at the Braxiatel Collection, Jason rekindled his career as a published author of xenopornography in his spare time. He even wrote Towards a Pornographics of First Contact: Probing and Delving the Fiction of Jason Kane, a book analysing his own work, under the pseudonym of Dr Jonas Neak. (PROSE: Sex Secrets of the Robot Replicants)

Bernice noted that her husband Jason Kane had "turned himself into a doll for aliens to pleasure themselves with", and had essentially made himself into a product to be consumed by selling pornographic accounts of his encounters "for random strangers to wank over". (PROSE: Sex Secrets of the Robot Replicants)

Chris Cwej once found a xenopornographic magazine in one of the TARDIS' guest rooms, and was reminded of what he saw inside when he saw a gynoid giving birth. (PROSE: Christmas on a Rational Planet)

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