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Tungwynterestimount  (Wynter for short) was a Time Lord who served as Chapter Castellan of the Arcalians.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Wynter studied at the Time Lord Academy. Shortly after his graduation, he was appointed Castellan of the Arcalian Chapter by President Romana despite his lack of experience and not having served on the Chancellery Guard. To make up for this, he trained regularly with Castellan Maxil. (AUDIO: Lies)

Wynter was a surprising choice to many, as he had little experience to qualify him for such a key position. He proved politically naive and was open to suggestions from the likes of Inquisitor Darkel. One of Wynter's first tasks was to investigate the mystery of a Time Lord — mutilated beyond recognition, but refusing to regenerate — who had materialised in the presence of President Romana and Leela. The TARDIS which he had used was also still held on Gallifrey, so all that was known was that he was from some point in the future, but his horrific injuries made communication impossible. (AUDIO: Lies, AUDIO: Spirit)

A second responsibility came when his predecessor, Andred, captured a Free Time spy attempting to poison the city's water supply. While investigating the mystery, a Time Lord in a quarantine unit, Wynter heard a voice calling him. The voice belonged to Pandora. She infiltrated his mind and told him he would be her instrument for taking over Gallifrey. Driven insane by this prospect, Wynter drank what he thought was poison, but was, in fact, a Free Time virus that would turn regenerating Time Lords into mindless zombies dedicated to the Free Time cause. Horrified, Wynter mutilated himself to prevent his body being of any use to Pandora — shooting himself with K9's gun, crushing his hands in the quarantine door and biting off his own tongue. Without hope, and perhaps realising his destiny as the mutilated future Time Lord whose origins he himself was investigating, Wynter escaped to a TARDIS and travelled a short distance back through time to warn Romana of the coming disaster. The disfigured being that he would become died without regenerating. In the immediate aftermath, Wynter was replaced first by Leela, on Braxiatel's orders and then, once again, by the rehabilitated Andred, on Darkel's suggestion. (AUDIO: Pandora)

Personality[edit | edit source]

Wynter was knowledgeable on matters of Gallifreyan law. Narvin described him as a loyal, law-abiding, wet-behind-the ears do-gooder with a degree in Security. (AUDIO: Lies)

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