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You may be looking for Mr Wynter.

Teranwynterestimount (Wynter for short) was a Time Lord who served as Chapter Castellan of the Arcalians.


Early life[]

Wynter belonged to the Arcalian Chapter and, whilst studying at the Time Lord Academy, was nicknamed "Soggy Boggy" by his peers because they thought that he was wet. Narvin would later mockingly refer to him having a degree in Security.

Shortly after graduating, he was appointed Chapter Castellan of the Arcalians by Romana and served as Duty Castellan, granting him a seat on the High Council. To make up for his lack of his experience and his not having served on the Chancellery Guard, as was customary for a castellan, he trained regularly with Castellan Maxil. (AUDIO: Lies)


Wynter was responsible for keeping Andred incarcerated and joined Romana when he learnt that she had gone to visit him. He helped Romana and K9 Mark II locate Leela in the Vaults, taking the malfunctioning K9 Mark I to Braxiatel for repairs upon finding them and having seeds of concern about Romana's presidency by Narvin when he ran into him. He later investigated the murder of an archivist, arresting Narvin as the escaped Andred's accomplice on Darkel's orders, and went in search of Andred. Like Narvin, Darkel whispered words against Romana to him. (AUDIO: Lies)

Without success, Wynter searched the Capitol for Andred, (AUDIO: Spirit) unaware that Darkel was sabotaging him and ensuring that Andred remained at liberty. (AUDIO: Pandora) He argued with Narvin about whose jurisdiction the matter of the broken man came under. (AUDIO: Spirit)

Romana placed Wynter in charge of the investigation at Braxiatel's suggestion. He had K9 Mark I prioritise the identification of the broken man and was later called away to arrest Gillestes, confiscating the toxin she held and interrogating her with minimal success. Darkel continued to manipulate him, convincing him to free Pandora from the Matrix to engender a situation in which he could prove himself to Romana, but he found that Pandora had been released moments before he arrived at the terminal. (AUDIO: Pandora)

As the broken man[]

At Braxiatel's investment as Chancellor, Wynter realised thanks to Narvin that Darkel had been manipulating him. He returned to Containment to speak with K9 and heard Pandora in his head and, to stop her from making use of him, he drank Gillestes' toxin, burnt himself with K9's laser, crushed his hands in the chamber door and bit off his tongue. Pandora took control of him nonetheless and, going to find Romana, killed Captain Kosh and other guards before leaving his body to take over Braxiatel's.

Wynter, aware that the toxin was post-regenerative, forced himself not to regenerate and managed to get to the TARDIS in Bay 9, flying to Davidia using the codes that Romana gave him as part of his investigation. (AUDIO: Pandora) Commander Hallan had Kosh take him to the infirmary where Leela gave him a soothing balm containing henbane to ease his pain. When Romana took him to the sensory baths, he was able to create a shared dream in which he communicated to Romana and Leela that his regeneration would bring tragedy. (AUDIO: Spirit)


Romana and Braxiatel had Wynter transported to Gallifrey (AUDIO: Spirit) and placed in Containment where he was examined by K9 Mark I. K9 found a fragment of his artron imprint but, believing that it was impossible that the broken man was Wynter, dismissed his findings as flawed. He died some time later, not long before his earlier self released Pandora and became the broken man. (AUDIO: Pandora)


When Leela killed Antimon by stabbing him in his hearts, she told him that she was avenging K9 Mark I, Wynter, whom she called "a good man", and Andred. (AUDIO: Imperiatrix)


Wynter was knowledgeable on matters of Gallifreyan law. Narvin described him as a loyal, law-abiding, wet-behind-the ears do-gooder with a degree in Security. (AUDIO: Lies) He later told him that he was efficient and clever. (AUDIO: Pandora) Leela believed that he was a good man. (AUDIO: Imperiatrix)

Behind the scenes[]

Wynter was the second known Arcalian to be introduced in Gallifrey after Torvald.