Private Wullie Cairns, often called Big Wullie for his size, was a British soldier in World War I. He was big and strong physically and also famous among his brothers-in-arms for his flatulence, which they strongly believed could be their greatest weapon against the enemy if they could only aim it properly.

He was fighting alongside Jamie Colquhoun through most of the war, from Mons in August 1914 till the Big Push in the Somme in July 1916. During one of the "pushes" he lost his helmet and was forced to take a much smaller one from Tam Connolly, who was killed by a stomach wound. After they took the town of St Michel, he and Joe Logue went for a reconnaissance and both were sent by a Weeping Angel back in time to 28 December 1879. They found themselves in a train preparing to cross the Tay Bridge in Dundee. Wullie, himself a native of Dundee, managed to remember that it was on this day that the bridge collapsed, just before their train fell into the river. The Dundee Herald reported the next day that everyone on the train had perished. (COMIC: The Weeping Angels of Mons)

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