A writer was a human from Earth in 1926. At some point he became the Master of the Land.

Biography Edit

On Earth he was a writer for the boy's magazine The Ensign, writing the adventures of Captain Jack Harkaway. He was writing writing five thousand words every week for twenty-five years.

He stated to the Doctor that one day he had fallen asleep, and then find himself in the Land of Fiction. He had become enslaved to the Master Brain, becoming the Master of the Land. The Master Brain wanted the Second Doctor to take over the role, and desired for him to be added to the system in order to so that it could invade Earth and all humans would be adjusted to the Land, leaving Earth to be taken over.

Once the Master was disconnected, he seemingly had no idea what had happened or where he was going, merely hoping he was going home. During the destruction of the Mind by the White Robots, the Land dissolved. Apparently, this freed the Master to return home. (TV: The Mind Robber)

Personality Edit

The Master appeared to have different personalities inhabiting him. When first meeting the Doctor, Zoe and Jamie he was a charming, bumbling and humble old man. However, when the Master Brain had become angered, it spoke through him, changing his demeanour and voice to a furious, staccato, harsh ranting one, barking out commands and instructions. When scheming and plotting against the Doctor, his voice turned low and became cunning and sly, like a traditional villain. However, being connected to the Master Brain, it is unknown how much of him was him acting independently, as when he was disconnected he reverted to his bumbling and humble self, but with no memory of what had happened. (TV: The Mind Robber).

Behind the scenes Edit

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