A species of gigantic worms lived on Bode 215. They were capable of controlling the minds of humans. They were one part of a cycle of life integral to the planet's eco-system; at the end of the worms' lives they released hundreds of butterflies from their heads. (COMIC: Night of the Worms)

History Edit

When humans colonised Bode 215, they were unaware of the worms. As such, when the worms appeared to repopulate the planet's butterfly population, they assumed them to be hostile. Colonel Terry Northern assembled a fleet of drones to bomb the worms. The Twelfth Doctor and Jata learned of Northern's plan and the Doctor brought all of the worms together. When the drones came to destroy the worms, the Doctor jumped onto one of them and hacked the controls so that all of the drones flew into a mountain. Shortly afterwards, the worms released their butterflies. (COMIC: Night of the Worms)

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