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3001 Space Adventure, referred to on some merchandise as the World of Doctor Who Exhibition, was a short-lived exhibition in Tooley Street, London.

Overview Edit

3001 Space Adventure used many of the props from the shortened Doctor Who USA Tour. Visitors entered through a Police-Box-shaped entry and walked through a series of exhibits, able to come quite close to some of the items.

Notable elements Edit

Like the Doctor Who USA tour props, many of this exhibition's props were engineered to move. The Tractator's antennae moved, as did the Dalek's eye stalk, sucker and gun arms. Other props, such as the Silurian and Sontaran, had glowing eyes and their heads moved from side to side.

Props from Doctor Who USA Tour Edit

New props Edit

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Notes Edit

  • 3001 Space Adventure's main attraction was the space shuttle simulator ride. This was not connected to the Doctor Who element of the exhibition.
  • After exiting the shuttle simulation, visitors would walk through the Worlds of Doctor Who element of the venue.[1]
  • The company behind 3001 Space Adventure, Rex Williams Leisure, went into liquidation a year after the Doctor Who exhibition opened and the venue was closed down in December 1989.

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