Woman Wept was a planet visited by the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler. It was stolen by the New Dalek Empire along with 26 other planets.

Landscape Edit

Woman Wept had a continental land mass shaped like a lamenting woman. The entire ocean, including waves hundreds of feet high, froze in an instant because of an event involving its sun. (TV: Boom Town) This was later revealed to be due to the planet being moved from one place to another (TV: Journey's End)

History Edit

The Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler visited Woman Wept together, a visit which Rose later recounted to Mickey Smith. (TV: Boom Town)

Woman Wept was stolen by Davros and the Daleks and was placed in the Medusa Cascade. (TV: The Stolen Earth) When Donna Noble defeated the Daleks, Donna, the Tenth Doctor and the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor helped return the planet to its rightful place. (TV: Journey's End)

Behind the scenes Edit

According to The Doctor's Lives and Times, the race for Enlightenment began in orbit of Woman Wept.

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