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Wolfsbane was the sixty-first novel in the BBC Past Doctor Adventures series. It was written by Jacqueline Rayner, released 1 September 2003 and featured the Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, Harry Sullivan and the Eighth Doctor.

For him this novel takes place during his time on Earth following the events in the novel The Ancestor Cell, between the events of Casualties of War and The Turing Test.

Publisher's summary[]

Harry Sullivan.

Died 28 November 1936.

"Deliver us from Evil."

Harry is dead. Having left him abandoned and alone in pre-war Britain, the Doctor and Sarah try to solve the mystery of his death. But the only witness is in a lunatic asylum, driven mad by what he has seen. He tells of murder and mutilation, of living trees and long-dead legends, of wolfmen and war... And of a mysterious stranger known only as the Doctor.

Can it be true that Harry discovered the last resting place of the Holy Grail? Why are the flowers and trees in a Somerset village in full bloom at Christmas? And is it just a coincidence that Harry died under a full moon...?


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Comic preview from DWM 334. Illustration by Mike Collins.

  • A preview for this novel illustrated by Mike Collins appeared in DWM 334.
  • The December 1936 sequences take place contemporaneously with the events of the novel Players, whereas the October 1938 sequences take place contemporaneously with the events of the novel Timeless and shortly before those of the audio story Invaders from Mars.
  • It is implied — although not explicitly stated — that the Fourth Doctor's TARDIS was drawn to this time by the Eighth Doctor's, the future TARDIS still regenerating after the damage inflicted by the Paradox biodata virus and the subsequent power drain. (PROSE: The Ancestor Cell, The Burning)
  • The Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane learn of the Eighth Doctor's presence, but only learn of him as a strange man called 'the Doctor'. Sarah asks if the other Doctor was "a tall, white-haired man", but otherwise she and the Fourth Doctor show no sign that they believe the unnamed Doctor is another incarnation of the Doctor himself.


  • The Eighth Doctor mentions travelling abroad for several years. (PROSE: The Year of Intelligent Tigers)
  • Harry reads a rejection letter from the Doctor's literary career. (PROSE: Mordieu)
  • To spark the Eighth Doctor's memory, Harry mentions Skaro. (TV: Genesis of the Daleks)
  • When talking with Trelawney, Sarah apparently asks if 'the Doctor' was a friend of hers with white hair, likely a reference to the Third Doctor, although the Fourth Doctor shows no sign of wondering if the other Doctor is his own other self.

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