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Wolfgang "Wolfie" Ryter (born 1993) was a companion to the Tenth Doctor.


Wolfe was a bright, sixteen-year-old exchange student from Austria who wrote a blog about UFO sightings. At the airport one day, he found one of the planes was a monster and helped the Tenth Doctor and Heather McCrimmon defeat it. (COMIC: Flight of the Giurgeax)

For Wolfie's first trip in the TARDIS, the Doctor brought Heather and him to a Stario Glowvit performance. During the performance, it was found out that the Stario on stage was a robot and that the real Stario was disguised in the crowd. (COMIC: Starstruck)

Heather, the Doctor, and Wolfgang visited Edinburgh University; in Heather's personal timeline it had been many months since she was last there. They found the whole campus addicted to the Tesseract. Heather tried to talk to her friends Rob and Suze but found that they were too focused on their Tesseracts. The TARDIS trio found that the Bacothormeon was responsible for the Tesseracts. The Bacothormeon's intelligence was drained by the Doctor. After meeting up with UNIT; the Doctor, Heather, and Wolfie took the Bacothormeon to its home planet. (COMIC: The Genius Trap)

During an afternoon at a beach, Heather left the Doctor and Wolfie to get some ice cream from an ice cream van. While she was gone, the Octron began their invasion of Earth by the water. The Octron caused a dangerous sandstorm which reached the ice cream van; Heather helped people get into the van to escape the storm. She then directed the ice cream van down to the beach, where she found the Doctor. The Doctor used the ice cream making technology in the van to defeat the Octron. (COMIC: The Rising Tide)

Wolfgang catches Heather as she falls asleep. (COMIC: Sweet Dreams)

The Doctor brought Heather and Wolfie to the mysterious Lurbos 3, where they found a field of sleeping explorers. Heather was bitten by the same Dream Sucker which had attacked the other explorers, putting her in a deep sleep. The Doctor and Wolfie dealt with the Sucker while she slept. Heather woke up with the rest of the victims of the Sucker. (COMIC: Sweet Dreams)

On Yellan, Heather was sucked up by a tentacled creature which created inferior duplicates of her. The Doctor and Wolfie easily saw that the duplicates weren't Heather because the duplicates did not have functioning brains. The Doctor dived into the mouth of the creature and found Heather; together they swam to the TARDIS - which had also been eaten - and used it to travel outside the creature to where Wolfie was. (COMIC: Copycat)

The TARDIS trio visited Carnaby Street in 1967. Heather used this as an opportunity to shop for miniskirts. However, the shopping spree was interrupted when the Vaipid covered Earth in a shroud of misery-inducing gas. Heather, Wolfie, and the Doctor used the TARDIS to get to the Vaipid ship above Earth and get them to stop. (COMIC: Shadow of the Vaipid)

"Big Jock McCrimmon" and "the Wolfman" in the base of the Sidewinder Syndicate. (COMIC: Snakes Alive!)

Heather, Wolfie, and the Doctor visited the base of the 1920s American gangster Fat Eddie, where they saw that Eddie and his men were in a turf war with the Sidewinder Syndicate. Heather disguised herself with a trenchcoat, sunglasses, a fedora and took on the alias "Big Jock McCrimmon" in order to distract the Syndicate with Wolfie - who was similarly disguised. Heather and Wolfie came to the front entrance of J. Python Snake Oil Sales, the base of the Syndicate, and attracted the attention of the Syndicate while the Doctor came in through the building's back door and fixed the Syndicate's navi-pod. Now having a working spaceship, the Syndicate fled Earth after a short conversation with the Doctor. (COMIC: Snakes Alive!)

Heather, the Doctor, and Wolfie met Bigfoot and discovered that it was a Blivariox lost on the way to its wedding. They got Bigfoot to the hyper-church on time. (COMIC: Lucky Heather)

When the TARDIS landed on McKendrick's scavenger ship orbiting Adamas, Heather and Wolfie split up from the Doctor to explore. They found a box of anti-gravity yoyos and an Adamasian in stasis. The Adamasian broke out and chased Heather and Wolfie to where the Doctor and McKendrick were. The Doctor lured the Adamasian to an airlock and got it to be sucked out of the ship. The airlock wasn't closed fast enough and the Doctor was also expelled from the ship. Heather and Wolfie got McKendrick to save the Doctor with a tractor beam by threatening to break McKendrick's salvaged items. (COMIC: The Sparkling Planet)

Trying to get Wolfie to Salzburg, the TARDIS trio arrived in a medieval European forest home to a cyborb slave. The Doctor used his screwdriver to make the cyborb friendly. Learning that the cyborb was working for Vladula of Castle Wraith, a plan was concocted to get inside Castle Wraith by having Heather pretend to be the cyborb's prisoner. The cyborb brought Heather inside the castle on its shoulder and placed her before Vladula. Very shortly afterwards, the cyborb rebelled against Vladula and Heather got out of the building to avoid the conflict. After Vladula fled; Heather, the Doctor, and Wolfie watched as the cyborb became friends with a group of local villagers. (COMIC: The Curse of Vladula)

Heather, the Doctor, and Wolfie visited the Whirling Wormhole of Wolverhampton in 1457. (COMIC: Lucky Heather)

The Doctor discovers Heather and Wolfie trapped in a photo. (COMIC: Photo Finish)

The Doctor brought Heather and Wolfie to the home of the Brunswick family in 1880 London. The Brunswicks had been trapped in a photo and replaced by energy creatures from the Scree Dimension. While the Doctor wasn't looking, the creatures did just the same to Heather and Wolfie. The Doctor dealt with the creatures and freed Heather, Wolfie, and the Brunswicks. (COMIC: Photo Finish)

Heather, the Doctor, and Wolfie spent a night in 21st century London tracking down a Gruutis. After finding the Gruutis, Heather suggested that they visit her aunt Jen before returning to the TARDIS. On the train ride to Jen's place, Heather and the Doctor noticed that everyone else on the train - Wolfgang included - was in a mindless trance.

Heather and the Doctor went into the next carriage and found that a scientist was harnessing the electrical brain impulses of the passengers into limitless energy to power the train, making it go faster than the speed of light. The Doctor knew that a train breaking the light barrier within Earth's gravity well would be catastrophic, so he stopped the experiment. (COMIC: Brain Train)

After the Doctor lost his shoes on a volcano planet, the TARDIS trio came to a store on Earth for the Doctor to get new shoes. However, all the shoes at the store were robot shoes planted there by the Rhastis. When the Doctor started being controlled by his shoes, Heather used setting 1042 of the sonic screwdriver to deactivate the shoes. The Doctor, Heather, and Wolfie then went to the shopping centre's security room and used the machinery to block the Rhastis signal. The Doctor negotiated with the Rhastis and convinced them to leave Earth. (COMIC: Foot Soldiers)

Heather helps Wolfgang overcome Lychaos. (COMIC: Bad Wolfie)

Heather, the Doctor, and Wolfie visited Angkor Wat during its construction in 1135. The Doctor and Heather wanted to go back to the TARDIS to hop forward a few decades and see the finished Angkor Wat, but Wolfie was attracted to an Aztlan Bio-casket and possessed by Lychaos. After the Doctor failed to save Wolfie, Heather approached Lychaos and helped Wolfie overcome the possession by asking Lychaos to remember all the fun he had travelling in the TARDIS. Wolfie returned to normal, but he was traumatised by the incident.

Heather and the Doctor dropped Wolfie off at his home in Salzburg. Heather wiped a tear from her eye as she and the Doctor walked into the TARDIS to leave. (COMIC: Bad Wolfie)

In the years following his travels with the Doctor, Wolfie pursued his studies in quantum physics. He was a freelance alien hunter by night like Heather. The two reunited in 2014, four years after Heather's travels with the Doctor ended. Wolfie and Heather saw the Doctor one more time, when he saved their lives and then departed to check on Rose Tyler on 1 January 2005 and face his regeneration into his eleventh incarnation. (COMIC: Lucky Heather)

Behind the scenes[]

  • Wolfgang "Wolfie" Ryter was created by twelve-year-old Hamish Gough. Wolfie was the winning creation of the second comic companion competition sponsored by Doctor Who Adventures.
  • Wolfie is the second companion to leave the TARDIS immediately after being possessed by an alien entity/intelligence. The first was Dodo Chaplet.
  • Wolfgang appeared naked in his last story Bad Wolfie. This was the first time a companion has been naked in a DWA comic strip.