The chalk drawing of the wolf in Wolfenden. (AUDIO: The White Wolf)

Wolfenden was a small village in Dorset dominated by a chalk drawing of a white wolf on one of its surrounding hills under which were a lot of caves and tunnels.

In the 2000s, many people, who believed to have been abducted by aliens went to the city. They organised social meet ups where they could talk about their experiences. All of the people who had left the village seemed to have lost the memories about the time in Wolfenden.

Sarah Jane Smith had lived there along with her aunt Lavinia when she was about eight years old. Lavinia was a close friend of Eddison Clough. They also worked together. However, Sarah Jane and Lavinia forgot about their time in Wolfenden. Sarah Jane didn't even realise that she had lost some memories. Years later, in 2009, Sarah Jane received a letter from Eddison who told her that he had found old photos of her and her aunt but didn't remember her.

Sarah Jane and Luke Smith visited the village under the guise of writing a book about chalk figures. In reality, they were investigating the memory loss of the people.

They found out that the people's memories had been stolen by the alien Mrs Hendrick. The human memories contained chemicals which could activate a machine that could prevent her race from finding her and bringing her to the prison. However, Mrs Hendrick told her family that she needed the machine to make sure that her alien race found her and that they could all go home together. When her family found out that Mrs Hendrick had lied to them they stopped supporting her.

Mrs Hendrick was found by her species and taken to prison. Her children went to the Tristian Cluster. Only Colin Hendrick stayed in Wolfenden, feeling guilty about helping his wife to steal people's memories.

Eddison Clough decided to stay in the village to help the people to cope with the memory loss. Furthermore, he wanted to improve the village. (AUDIO: The White Wolf)

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