Woden's Warriors was a comic published in the TV Comic Annual in 1976. It featured the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith are returning to 20th century England in the TARDIS, but a misstep has them materialising centuries earlier. They leave the TARDIS to explore but soon have to hide from a hunting party of rampaging Danes led by Ulric. Unable to penetrate the TARDIS with an axe, Ulric concludes it is a magic box bestowed upon them by the Norse god Woden. They bring the TARDIS back to the Danish ships on the coast, but their leader and Ulric's father Heekon is displeased that they have returned with a box instead of meat. Heekon orders the TARDIS be set on fire, but when it does not burn, he too is convinced it is a divine gift.

The Doctor and Sarah Jane look for the Saxon village to warn them of the impending attack and to seek their assistance in retrieving the TARDIS. After being pursued by wolves, they enter the Saxon compound and warn their leader, Helmuth. The Saxons plan an ambush and easily defeat the Danes and burn their ships. After a victory celebration that evening, the Doctor and Sarah Jane leave the next morning.

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