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Without a Paddle was the twelfth story of The Many Lives of Doctor Who, published in 2018.

It was the last story to date to feature the Doctor travelling with Alice Obiefune, leaving their adventures together unresolved.


On a boat cruise, the Eleventh Doctor and Alice Obiefune note a group of stars in the sky spelling out "Hello Sweetie" with a set of coordinates attached.

Following, the two arrive on Hydron, home of the Mermin, to find River Song being held prisoner over the crime of stealing their Sacred Oar. Having saved their world once before, the Doctor is allowed to examine the Oar and declares River guilty, taking her back to the TARDIS after she slips something in his pocket.

As the Doctor sets a course for Stormcage Containment Facility, River reveals that the object she planted on the Doctor, a lace shawl, was her real target, an object that the Doctor and Alice cannot see the value of. Coyly, River reveals that it is an anniversary gift but refuses to say who it's for.




Rob Semenoff's console design, mirrored and colors altered.

  • Despite being during his travels with Alice Obeifune, the Eleventh Doctor is wearing his purple frock coat outfit and has a new TARDIS control room with some similarity to his later neon interior. A later panel of the console is a modified image of Rob Semenoff's fan-made console design. Other images of his design can be seen on his archive website.[1]