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Wish You Were Here was a special short scene written by James Moran as a teaser for the third adventure game, TARDIS. The script for this scene was released as a five page PDF file in script format on 24 August 2010. The enemy of the story was Tanik.

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The Doctor attempts to take Amy somewhere without trouble for a change, but is greeted by a group of angry, horse-faced aliens.

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In the TARDIS, Amy expresses the wish to go sightseeing instead of somewhere dangerous. The Doctor decides to take her to Smyslov 3, which he says is "sunny, warm and has the friendliest locals in the galaxy". Amy is excited about this until they walk outside, where it is raining, muddy, and has ugly buildings. They are confronted by twenty horse-faced aliens who are heavily-armed.

Their leader, Tanik, comes out of a building, angry with them for returning. He says they just left after causing a power failure in his Lexitanium with the TARDIS and sabotaging his missiles. Understanding this will happen in the future, the Doctor proceeds to leave, but a giant pulse cannon emerges from a hatch on the building and Tanik declares they are not going anywhere. He will use the pulse cannon to disable the TARDIS and then take them to his dungeon.

As he is turned around pointing at the cannon, the Doctor and Amy escape into the TARDIS and start its engines. Tanik fires the cannon, which hits the TARDIS, but the lights only flicker as it dematerialises. Outside in the Vortex, smoke begins to leak from the TARDIS' roof.

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  • Amy uses the phrase timey wimey in reference to her and the Doctor's out-of-sequence visits to Smyslov 3.

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  • Although referred to as a short story by this wiki and other sources, it is not a short story but rather the script for a teaser scene; it is unknown whether this scene was intended to actually be recorded.

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