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Wisden, also known as the Wisden Almanack, was a cricketing magazine to which the Doctor — at least in his fifth incarnation — was an occasional contributor. The Fifth Doctor definitely contributed the article "By Lord Cranleigh's Invitation, Seventy Years of Charity Elevens". The article gave him some cachet in the world cricketing community, as he was known for it in Tasmania in 1993. Tegan Jovanka derived some amusement from the magazine when she noticed that the Doctor had become embroiled in a heated letters-page battle over the accuracy of his memories about historical cricket matches. (PROSE: Goth Opera)

The Doctor once encouraged Turlough to consult Wisden whilst he was learning how to play cricket. (AUDIO: Phantasmagoria)

The Doctor kept a copy of Wisden's Almanack in the TARDIS library. (PROSE: Fear of the Dark)

Behind the scenes Edit

Though Goth Opera writer Paul Cornell doesn't quite spell it out, Wisden could have meant either Wisden Cricket Monthly, as the publication was known at the time Goth Opera was printed, or Wisden Cricketers' Almanack, the title during the periodical's heyday in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Phantasmagoria, in contrast, actually specifies "the Almanack", and Turlough laments that the issue he's consulting is from the 1920s.

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