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Wirrn Isle was the one hundred and fifty-eighth story in Big Finish's monthly range. It was written by William Gallagher and featured Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor and Lisa Greenwood as Flip Jackson.

Publishers summary[]

The year is 16127. Four decades have passed since the colonists of Nerva Beacon returned to repopulate the once-devastated Earth — and the chosen few are finding the business of survival tough.

Far beyond the sterile safety of sanitised Nerva City, transmat scientist Roger Buchman has brought his family to an island surrounded by what they once called Loch Lomond, hoping to re-establish the colony he was forced to abandon many years before.

But something else resides in the Loch. A pestilent alien infestation that the Doctor, beaming in from Nerva City, remembers only too well from his time aboard the Beacon...

The Wirrn are back. And they're hungry.


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  • Inchfad is the northernmost colony in Scotland.
  • Flip mentions Madonna, Vanilla Ice, Foreigner and M.O.P.
  • Nerva City was built on the former site of New York City.


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