Wirrn Isle was the one hundred and fifty-eighth story in Big Finish's monthly range. It was written by William Gallagher and featured Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor and Lisa Greenwood as Flip Jackson.

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The year is 16127. Four decades have passed since the colonists of Nerva Beacon returned to repopulate the once-devastated Earth — and the chosen few are finding the business of survival tough.

Far beyond the sterile safety of sanitised Nerva City, transmat scientist Roger Buchman has brought his family to an island surrounded by what they once called Loch Lomond, hoping to re-establish the colony he was forced to abandon many years before.

But something else resides in the Loch. A pestilent alien infestation that the Doctor, beaming in from Nerva City, remembers only too well from his time aboard the Beacon...

The Wirrn are back. And they're hungry.

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  • The human colonists on the Nerva Beacon returned to Earth and began the recolonisation in 16087.
  • A ceremony called the "Olympic" is being held in Nerva City in 16127. However, the fragmentary historical records state that the Olympic is held every fourth of a year instead of once every four years, and it is no longer associated with sports.
  • Wirrn mucous, the slime trail left by adult Wirrn, is used as a food source by the Nerva colonists. It is jokingly called "forage porridge."
  • Inchfad is the northernmost colony in Scotland.
  • There is a transmat substation on Ardlui, located to the south of Inchfad.
  • Roger, Veronica and Toasty Buchman all independently mistake the Doctor and Flip for father and daughter.
  • Flip mentions Madonna, Vanilla Ice, Foreigner and M.O.P.
  • More than four hundred Wirrn were trapped under the surface of Loch Lomond when it froze over twenty years earlier.
  • While Roger was playing with the transmat fifteen years earlier, he accidentally beamed his son Iron into a Wirrn under the surface of Loch Lomond, causing them to merge at the molecular level. He planted Iron's red jumper on the ice so that Veronica would find it.
  • Nerva City was built on the former site of New York City.
  • Sheer Jawn is Toasty's biological father.
  • The Nerva Beacon is still in orbit of Earth.

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Wirrn Isle

Textless cover art.

  • This story is unusual in that it does not feature the TARDIS. It was the first such story in the main range since AUDIO: LIVE 34 in September 2005.
  • After AUDIO: Night Thoughts, this is the second Big Finish audio drama released in the main range to take place predominantly on a remote Scottish island.
  • This audio drama was recorded on 21 and 22 June 2011.
  • Subscribers whose subscriptions included this story also received the audio short story Breadcrumbs.

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