Winter for the Adept was the tenth story in Big Finish's monthly range. It was written by Andrew Cartmel and featured Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor and Sarah Sutton as Nyssa.

It was the former script editor's first script for Big Finish Productions, and, as of 2020, his only one for the Main Range. It was highly unusual for his work in the DWU because it featured the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa, rather than his usual team of the Seventh Doctor and Ace.

Another unusual aspect of this story was India Fisher, who enjoyed her first Big Finish role here, several months before originating her usual character of Charlotte Pollard.

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When a teleportation experiment goes badly wrong, Nyssa finds herself stranded on the freezing slopes of the Swiss Alps in 1963. But is it mere coincidence that she finds shelter in a snowbound school, haunted by a malevolent poltergeist?

When the Doctor arrives, Nyssa and the other inhabitants of the school soon discover that the ghost is merely part of a darker, deeper and more deadly game involving rogue psi talents and something else... Something not of this Earth.

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  • The Doctor tracks Nyssa using her biomorphic essence.
  • The Doctor says "Brave heart, Alison".

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  • The Doctor brews tea that contains a mild sedative.
  • The Doctor eats a ham sandwich.
  • Nyssa is offered cognac, but refuses.

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Lee Sullivan BF 5 1 Winter for the Adept

Art by Lee Sullivan from DWM 293.

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