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Winner Takes All was a 2|entertain DVD documentary about the making of the Doctor Who serial Enlightenment. As a general overview of the production of the serial, it covered many topics.

It opened with Barbara Clegg recalling how she was one of the few female writers to work on Doctor Who. Peter Davison thought it was a wonderful script, as did Fiona Cumming. Mark Strickson thought that personal relationships were more prevalent in this story. Clegg recalled how the story was her own, with no outside influence forced upon her. Strickson thought the scenes between Turlough and the Fifth Doctor were a good addition.

Leee John recalled how Fiona Cumming had been a wonderful director. Davison shared this view, evidencing the fact the cast were never confused by what she was doing. Keith Barron though the serial's sets were very well designed and Strickson praised the lighting. Davison and Janet Fielding though the lighting of the TARDIS was particularly good in this story compared to others, where they considered the lights too bright.

Cumming recalled how she lost a guest appearance by Peter Sallis (playing Striker) as a result of industrial action at the time. Davison also mourned this loss. Christopher Brown was cast in the role and commented on how he enjoyed his time on the show.

The costume design by Dinah Collin was also praised, with Collin taking particular pride in Tegan's outfit. Davison commented on how this changed to way Fielding acted and Cumming thought it a nice change from her normal "spiky" appearance.

Strickson recalled how, during the scene where he floats in space, he jumped off and the harness broke. Stickson claimed that the fall was the most painful experience in his life. Cumming also mentioned the incident, noting that Strickson did not tell her that he had been so badly hurt.

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