The Windigo was an ancient incorporeal entity. It could possess beings who had consumed or were immersed in alcohol. When possessing humans, they were transformed into savage man-wolf creatures. With Jodafra's help, the Windigo could freeze time, and only time travellers were immune to the effect. Jodafra wanted the Windigo's help to navigate the time stream. However, when Destrii realised that she would be sacrificed to the Windigo as part of the deal, she shot the machinery that enabled the time freezing. Able to move, the Lakota Sioux destroyed the Windigo's alcohol-soaked body with flaming arrows. (COMIC: Bad Blood)

Behind the scenes Edit

The Windigo or Wendigo is a malevolent spirit in Algonquian folklore that was said to possess those who committed extreme acts outside of social norms. Though chiefly associated with cannibalism, things like murder or extreme greed could also make one vulnerable to possession by a Windigo.

The Lakota Sioux are not part of Algonquian peoples but did later adopt legends of the Windigo.

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