The Winders were the police force of Starship UK. They were cyborgs, half-human and half-Smiler. Their heads would rotate to reveal the malevolent version of the Smiler face, with a lighter skin tone, whiter teeth, flat nose and brighter eyes. They would speak through their natural vocal cords when they were using their human faces, but talked through a speaker box when their Smiler face was in use. Most of the time they wore dark hoods to hide their Smiler features and acted like normal humans, keeping watch on the population. They were oathbound to protect the system of Starship UK.

When the Eleventh Doctor and Amy came to Starship UK, the Winders reported his presence after he began investigating the engines. Later, when they learned the truth, the Winders brought them to Hawthorne to learn the whole story. (TV: The Beast Below)

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  • According to The Brilliant Book 2011, a book that contains non-narrative based information, the Winders had a key attached to a black cord around their necks. This was to wind up the clockwork technology that ran Starship UK and was their alleged primary purpose. At some point the Winders had taken control.
  • Winders are used as both allies and enemies in the Doctor Who: Legacy mobile game

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