William of Orange

William of Orange, later known as William III, was an English and Scottish king who came to the throne after overthrowing James II in the Glorious Revolution in 1688. In contrast to the Catholic James II, William was a Protestant. He was married to James II's daughter Mary and the pair reigned jointly as monarchs.

After the birth of James II's son James Stuart in around 1688, there was a rumour that he had been smuggled into his mother's bedchamber in a warming pan. William and Mary encouraged this rumour as, if it were true, it would mean that Mary was the first in line to the English and Scottish thrones. (AUDIO: The Glorious Revolution)

According to a newspaper that the Fifth Doctor and Turlough read, William died on 8 March 1702. His death caused ordinary English subjects to toast the health of the heir-apparent, Princess Anne. (AUDIO: Phantasmagoria)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • He was played by Alan Rowe in the 1969 BBC drama series The First Churchills.
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