William Rokeby was a Catholic in London in the 17th century. He was the father of Polly-Anne Rokeby.

In 1666, Rokeby met with several other Catholics in the White Hart to denounce Charles II. He incited them to rebel. Unknown to him, in the crowd was Sir Richard Stoneman-Merritt, an undercover agent of the king.

Stoneman-Merritt and Sergeant George Mullens attempted to arrest Rokeby and the men in the pub, and a fight ensued. It was interrupted by the Fourth Doctor, who informed all present that London was on fire.

Both sides worked together to fight the fire. Rokeby saved a Huguenot woman and her child. Rokeby was in the early states of the Black Death. When the Doctor took Sarah Jane Smith, who was also suffering from the plague, to the TARDIS, Rokeby followed them. He saw the Doctor give Sarah a tablet of tetracycline, and he took the bottle for himself. After giving himself a tablet, he left the TARDIS for home.

On the way he was accosted by Stoneman-Merritt. The two men fought in the street, but Stoneman-Merritt was killed by burning debris, and Rokeby headed home. He was greeted by his daughter's nursemaid, who informed him that Polly-Anne was near death. Rokeby gave her a tablet, and she improved immediately.

The Doctor, in order to prevent damage to the Web of Time, took Rokeby and his daughter to the time vortex to live out the rest of their lives. (PROSE: The Republican's Story)

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