William Heaton was a member of The Light posing as a British politician. (AUDIO: The Keep)

In 1965, Heaton was considered an up-and-coming politician. He was the shadow undersecretary to the Minister of Affairs and a member of the Sunday Club. He was one of those chosen to be part of a parliamentary inquiry into the Wilcock Institute affair and the involvement of Sir Toby Kinsella, as Templeton hoped getting in 'new guard' people would doom Sir Toby. In the end, Heaton did try to blackmail Sir Toby in doing 'favours' for him - to which Sir Toby refused and was disparaging of the Sunday Club - but found him innocent of charges against him. On the surface, this was because the inquiry realised Templeton was not suited to running Intrusion Countermeasures Group (AUDIO: Changing of the Guard) but it would later come out that Templeton was part of the Light Sleepers' patsies, and Heaton wanted to stop them destroying the planet. (AUDIO: Rise and Shine)

During his talks with Sir Toby, he'd obliquely said that Edward Heath wasn't going to win the next election. (AUDIO: Changing of the Guard)

He worked to undermine the Sleepers and prep Counter-Measures against them. He had Sir Toby and Ian Gilmore's deaths and abductions faked, then gave Rachel Jensen information about their location and about the Sleepers' implant in her neck, (AUDIO: The Keep) and explained the full situation. During the fightback against the Sleepers, he claimed to be the only member of the Light still alive. (AUDIO: Rise and Shine) As soon as the threat was over, he began implying he was not, and attempted a secret campaign to destroy Countermeasures to cover himself while he climbed up the party ranks.

After first attempting to cut a deal with Heaton (without telling the rest of the group), Sir Toby had him hospitalised and then killed. (AUDIO: Clean Sweep)

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