At the age of nine, William Grantham of Colchester, Essex, won the Blue Peter "Design-a-Monster Competition". His entry, the Abzorbaloff, was featured in Love & Monsters and he was noted as having created the monster in the episode's end credits. He also got to spend a day on set with Peter Kay, who portrayed the alien, and Neill Gorton, the prosthetics designer who finalised the design for filming. Producer Phil Collinson claimed in the commentary that accompanied the episode that Grantham was somewhat displeased with Gorton's rendering, as he had imagined the creature to be "the size of a double-decker bus". However, in the 2010 BBC DVD documentary Who Peter, Grantham contradicted Collinson by saying that he had been "stunned" by how well-realised the creature was. Andrew Pixley's notes for Love & Monsters in DWMSE 14 (cover-dated 9 November 2006) offered something of a compromise between the two accounts, claiming Grantham was impressed by Millennium's realisation of the Abzorbaloff but was also bemused that the no-one realised the creature was supposed to be the size he imagined.

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