Professor Willard was the headmaster of Matty George and Kevin Arkwright's school association. He was angry that their booked holiday had to be cancelled, but soon quieted down when he learned why. Persuaded by Mr Cain, he captured and drugged three pebble creatures in a specimen box. With them he believed he could be rich. After getting injured in a shuttle when Cain and he tried to escape the planet with Amy as hostage, Cain took over and escorted them both through the caves.

He obviously had a thorough insight into the Ulla tribe and their traditions. He recognised the native song as it echoed through the tunnels and he kept a journal of progress other explorers had reached in the past years. He was also fascinated by the machine that the Ulla people kept. He sacrificed his life to save the people when opening the specimen box and the creatures engulfed him and Cain, killing them. (PROSE: Rain of Terror)

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