Lieutenant Will Hoffman was a companion of the Sixth Doctor and a soldier with UNIT.

Biography Edit

As a companion Edit

On Lieutenant Hoffman's first day at UNIT, Colonel Emily Chaudhry informed him of a Code Blue and had him driver her to the site of the TARDIS, where they met the Sixth Doctor. Upon helping him defeat the Darkness, the Doctor offered to take Hoffman and Chaudhry back to UNIT HQ in his TARDIS. (PROSE: The Terror of the Darkness)

After the Doctor received a distress call, the TARDIS landed in World War II London. He captured and handcuffed Edward Grainger after he shot Colonel Chaudhry and, after they returned a Mim to his home, they were returned to their time. However, they went for one more journey in the TARDIS after they found records missing from the UNIT archive. (PROSE: Incongruous Details)

In September 1957, Hoffman and Chaudhry kept watch whilst the Doctor and Ronnie Tillyard erased the UNIT files on the Doctor. Afterwards, they were returned home. (PROSE: Defining Patterns)

The rise of ICIS Edit

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Death Edit

Hoffman was killed during ICIS' attempt to take over the United Kingdom in 2005. (AUDIO: The Longest Night)

Personality Edit

Hoffman was a serial dater who never got a second date until the day of his death. (AUDIO: The Longest Night) He believed that The Muppet Show was the best show ever. (PROSE: Incongruous Details)

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