Wilkin was the college porter at St. Cedd's College. He had an extraordinary memory and recalled specific trivia regarding the college and its visitors with ease.

Upon encountering the Doctor in 1979, Wilkin amazed the Doctor by immediately remembering not only his name, but the fact that he had taken an honorary degree in 1960 and had previously visited Professor Chronotis in 1955, 1960 and 1964. The Doctor responded that he'd also been to the college in 1958, albeit in a different body; Wilkin took this is as a joke. (Accounts differed as to whether the Doctor was in his fourth or eighth incarnation during this visit and the others specified by Wilkin.) (WC: Shada; PROSE: Shada)

Wilkin later encountered Skagra, who called Wilkin "little man" and demanded to know the whereabouts of Professor Chronotis. Wilkin answered his questions, but was put off by Skagra's rudeness. When later investigating the Professor's rooms he discovered a blue void; unbeknownst to Wilkin, the rooms were in fact Chronotis' TARDIS and had dematerialised. Panicking, Wilkin fetched the police, who were dubious about Wilkin's claims that the rooms had been stolen. When he returned, the rooms were back in place, the Professor's TARDIS having returned. (WC: Shada; AUDIO: Shada; PROSE: Shada; HOMEVID: Shada)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Wilkin was played in the original television version of Shada by Gerald Campion. When recasting the late Campion's role for the audio/webcast version, director Nicholas Pegg remembered that Melvyn Hayes had appeared alongside Campion in the Billy Bunter television series, upon which casting Hayes as Wilkin became "irresistible." [1]

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

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