Wildthyme in Purple is an anthology of thirteen short stories featuring Iris Wildthyme.

Publisher's summary Edit

pur-ple (pûrpl) n.

1. Any of a group of colours with a hue between that of violet and red.

2. Cloth of a colour between violet and red, formerly worn as a symbol of royalty or high office.

3. Imperial power; high rank: e.g born to the purple.

4. In the Roman Catholic Church, the rank or office of a cardinal or a bishop

And now:

5. Those literary worlds visited by Iris Wildthyme where the prose is as sensual, convoluted and self-aggrandising as Iris herself...

Stories Edit

Title Author
The Big CrunchJim Mortimore
Frank Reade, Jr.'s Electric Time CanoeSteve Mollmann
Dance of the Voodoo ValkyriesDavid A. McIntee
Iris in Dead Man's GulchPaul Ebbs
Her and AllanSimon Bucher-Jones
Running with CaesarsGeoffrey Hammell
Amser GwylltSteffan Alun
The Bronze DoorDale Smith
Flash Rogers Conquers the UniverseRichard Salter
The Web of TerrorIain McLaughlin
The Many Lives of ZorroRichard Wright
FantômvilleNick Campbell
The Devil Wears PandaCody Quijano-Schell

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  • This book is also available as an ebook from the Obverse Books website.

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