According to Amy Pond, filmers of wildlife documentaries had to be "all detached and cold", and just keep on filming the wounded cub, letting it die for the sake of the film instead of saving it. She didn't think she could do that. (TV: The Beast Below)

Wildlife documentaries were mainly shown on television. Wildlife at One was one such programme, and aired on BBC1 at the same time that ITV showed The Cook Report. Both shows were interrupted on 6 May 1997 to show a UFO above Nelson's Column. (PROSE: The Dying Days)

David Attenborough made many such films. On various occasions, Ace said she felt she was in an Attenborough programme, (PROSE: Prelude Birthright) Amy Pond told the Eleventh Doctor it was weird being in a jungle without his voice-over, (COMIC: Supernature) and Sam Jones told the Eighth Doctor to leave the David Attenborough bit till later, when he began remarking on a Janusian's ease at moving about ruins. (PROSE: The Janus Conjunction) The Tenth Doctor promised Martha Jones they'd stick to watching Attenborough documentaries instead, after a narrow escape from a tyrannosaurus rex. (PROSE: Made of Steel)

Ace, perhaps sarcastically, remarked that wildlife documentaries would be "more [the Seventh Doctor's] thing" than Roderik Saarl's television talk show. (PROSE: Prime Time)

Andrew compared a horrific creature he'd seen to "an undersea wildlife documentary by Francis Bacon". (PROSE: The Andrew Invasion) Bernice Summerfield thought her husband Jason Kane's intense attraction to Ace akin to a wildlife documentary. (PROSE: Happy Endings) A Hitchemus plain with tall grass reminded Anji Kapoor of wildlife documentaries she'd seen. (PROSE: The Year of Intelligent Tigers)

Arko complained that his friends Han Krista and Starl Stanmore were commenting on a creature that looked like it just came out of a cocoon like they were part of a wildlife documentary, rather than helping find Benny Summerfield, Shell and Dex Tinhar. (PROSE: The Gods of the Underworld)

Professor Vanessa Seaborne quipped that Lord Braye could present natural history holo-docs, based on the showmanship he put to the fore with his description of Emerald Drashigs. (AUDIO: Planet of the Drashigs)

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