Wild Thymes on the 22 was an Iris Wildthyme short story anthology edited by Stewart Sheargold and published by Obverse Books in 2018.

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Iris has always been a bit of a name-dropper. She was there when it all began, when it peaked, when it started going pear-shaped. Iris was there: tinkering with the spaceship design on the Star Wars set, upsetting Warhol's films in the Factory, sexing it up with Chaucer, conjuring ghosts with Kate Bush, cross-dressing and undressing with Fanny and Stella, and arguing for her very existence with a nefarious biographer known as Magrs

Pop star, fashion diva, writer, artiste, botherer, ratbag and liar. She's done it all. Or undone it all.

Now, in this exclusive tell-all collection, taken from her journals, we hear Iris in her own words and get the inside gossip on her wild times…

Individual stories Edit

Title Author
The Heart Pendulums Steve Cole
Rain and Regency Nick Chester
Iris Wildthyme & the Bush Offensive Stewart Sheargold
Drowned in Moonlight Kenneth James McGowan
The Most Faithful Panda in the World Richard Wright
Hillbilly Heavens Brad Wolfe
The Haberdasher's Tale Brendan Jones
The Exploding Somewhat Inevitable Philip Marsh
The Brightest Stars in the Demimonde Matthew Bright
Starstation to Starstation Jon Wesley Huff
The Magrs Conundrum! Vivienne Fox
Untitled No. 22 Cody Schell

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